Get a complete suite of powerful business class features tailored to meet the leads for growing businesses and enterprises.

Our Top Features

Location Search

The “location search” feature is a powerful tool that can help you generate more leads in your target market. Whether you’re looking for leads in your local area or across the country, our location search feature can help you find them.

The feature allows you to find leads from any location in the world. Simply enter a keyword or phrase, such as “dentists” and select the location like “New York City”! Our software will return a list of businesses situated in your target area. 

You can also pinpoint your location by giving a Perimeter using the “Radius” option. So, if you’re looking for a powerful tool to help you generate more leads, then the location search feature is a great option in LeadSpider.

Advanced Filtering

LeadSpider implemented some advanced filtering feature that allows you to filter your search results by a variety of criteria, including website, contact number, address, claimation, reviews, ratings and more. This means you can find the most relevant leads for your business with ease.

For example, if you’re looking for the healthcare services listed with phone numbers, you can filter your results by “with phone”. This will return a list of businesses in the healthcare industry that has phone number added in their panels. LeadSpider has 13+ filters.

The advanced filtering feature is a powerful tool that can help you save time and money. If you have LeadSpider, you do not have to delete the unanticipated leads manually.

Real-time Data

Our real-time lead generation feature allows you to get leads as soon as they are created. This means you can start contacting leads right away, without waiting for them to be delivered in an email.

This is a powerful feature that can help you grow your business faster.  You can contact leads sooner, which means you have a better chance of getting them to convert. Besides, your competitors may not be using real-time lead generation, which means you can get a head start on them.

By getting leads in real time, you can contact them sooner and increase your chances of converting them into customers. Ultimately, you can provide better customer service by responding to leads as soon as they are created.

Friendly Interface

LeadSpider has a friendly user interface that makes it easy for anyone to use, even if they don’t have any knowledge of software programming. The interface is clear and concise, with easy-to-understand options and buttons.

We also use the easiest optional names for our features and functions. This makes it easy for users to understand how to use the software. The friendly user interface is a key feature of our software.  It makes it easy for users to get started and to generate leads quickly and easily. 

Users can get started with our software right away, without having to read through a lot of documentation. Also, they can be more productive as they don’t have to spend time learning how to use it.

Save & Export

LeadSpider allows users to save and export their leads in the most varsatile format, that is Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This gives users the flexibility to use their leads in a variety of applications and platforms.

For example, users can download their leads to Microsoft Excel and use them in their CRM software. They can also convert the Excel sheet to CSV and use them in their email marketing software. And they can even export their leads to PDF and print them out for reference.

The save and export feature is a powerful tool that can help users to manage their leads more effectively. It also gives users the flexibility to export their leads to other platforms, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and etc.

Geo Mapping

The geological map view feature allows users to see the location of the area where the lead is located. This can be helpful for businesses that want to understand the potential customer success in those areas. 

For example, a business that sells water purification systems may be more interested in leads that are located in areas with high levels of groundwater contamination. Ultimately, the geological map view feature is a powerful tool that can help businesses to make more informed decisions about where to target.

Overall, businesses can improve their marketing results by targeting their campaigns to areas with the most potential customer success. If you’re looking for a lead generation software that can show you global geomapping, LeadSPider is your choice!

Competitor Analysis

LeadSpider helps you compare your competitors in the most comprehensive way possible. You can search for similar interests as you in the software. This includes their website, public engagement level, and even their business status.

The competitor analysis feature is a powerful tool that can help you to understand your competition better by seeing what they’re doing well and what they’re doing not so well. So, you can identify opportunities to improve your own business by seeing what your competitors are doing wrong.

Furthermore, you can improve your marketing by targeting your campaigns more effectively against your competitors’ weaknesses. This trick will increase your sales by understanding your competitors’ pricing and offering better value to your customers.

Mobile Friendly

Our software is mobile friendly, so you can use it from any device, including your smartphone or tablet. This is great for businesses that have employees who travel a lot. They can use our software to generate leads and stay connected with their customers, even when they’re on the go.

Businesses can generate leads by using our software to search for leads in their area and contact them directly. It improves their productivity by using our software from handsets, such as lead generation and campaign follow-up.

If you’re looking for a business lead generation software that is mobile friendly, then LeadSpider is a great option for you. Try it today and see for yourself how it can help you manage leads.

Multilingual Support

Our software provides multilingual support, so you can find leads in any language. This is important for businesses that operate in multiple countries or that want to target leads in other languages.

LeadSpider can understand multilingual data from the API, so you can be sure that you’re getting accurate lead information, no matter what language it’s in. Businesses can enhance their brand reputation by being seen as a global company that is committed to serving customers in multiple languages.

Multilingual support is a key feature of our software. It makes it possible for businesses to generate leads in any language, which can help them to grow their business globally. Try LeadSpider today and see how it can help you grow your business globally.

Business Class Features

Excellent UI/UX Design

A ready to go web interface with hundred percent professional looking dashboard, without any distraction or advertisement.

Fully Developed Tool

Enjoy the complete version of the software. You will not have to develop anything, rather we will make changes over time.

Advanced Integration

No need of programing knowledge to addd custom APIs. Follow our video instructions to perform any API integration.

No Web Script Input

Our software is clean and frustration free. You do not have to install any custom scripts once everything is setup.

No Optimization Required

Get hands on experience just after logging in to the user panel. We designed everything to be navigation ready.

Universal Accessibility

Use any kind of personal and business class devices to access LeadSpider. All you need is an standard internet connection.

Easy Data Import

No need to hire a data entry specialist. Simply click on “Download Excel” and get everything lined up in one spreadsheet.

Cold Email and Calling

Filter the leads to create campaigns. Make use of the hot new leads in terms of cold calling and cold email campaigns.

PRO Features Included

Unlimited Leads

Grow your business faster by having unlimited leads from 600+ million prospects from around the globe.

Lead Export

We made all features unlocked, so that you can download your infinite number of data from the search results.

Geological overview

Navigate the maps attached to the leads. Make quick decision based on the business value in certain area.

Contact Options

Contact to the leads as you need! Leadspider brings phone, email, website, addresses everything!

Review Count

Monitor reviews to understand the popularity of the leads. The reviews comes directly from Google 3 pack listings.

Save Campaigns

Save leads to the campaigns in bulk amount! Mark all the leads and save at once to find in preffered campaign.

Full Customization

Customize your search by filtering out by rating, phones, emails, reviews, claimed, or unclaimed menus.

Create Leads Type

If you do not find your targeted category, create new leads type and search for the outcome.

PRO Features Included

Unlimited Lead Access

Grow your business faster by having unlimited leads from 600+ million prospects from around the globe.

Unlimited Downloads

We made all features unlocked, so that you can download your infinite number of data from the search results.

Geological Overview

Grow your business faster by having unlimited leads from 600+ million prospects from around the globe.

Contact Options

Grow your business faster by having unlimited leads from 600+ million prospects from around the globe.

Review Count

Grow your business faster by having unlimited leads from 600+ million prospects from around the globe.

Save Campaigns

Grow your business faster by having unlimited leads from 600+ million prospects from around the globe.

Full Customization

Grow your business faster by having unlimited leads from 600+ million prospects from around the globe.

Create Leads Type

Grow your business faster by having unlimited leads from 600+ million prospects from around the globe.

What do our users say?

“LeadSpider has been a game-changer for my business. The user-friendly interface made lead generation effortless, and the real-time data was incredibly accurate. Lead scoring helped us prioritize and convert prospects effectively. Highly recommended for serious lead generation!”


Olivia Klein

Account Collector, Morville

“Hello! LeadSpider is a valuable tool for my business. Its user-friendly interface and quick results impressed me. The advanced filtering options helped me target ideal prospects properly. Overall, it has contributed to business growth. Recommended!”


Paul Rice

CEO, Reliable Guidance

“I’m thrilled with LeadSpider! The interface’s  simplicity is outstanding, and the data accuracy is impressive. Lead scoring helped me focus on high-potential prospects, resulting in higher conversions. Top-notch customer support too! Suggesting for serious lead generation.”


Carmen Cartwright

Executive, The Polka Dot Bear Tavern

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What is the main purpose of LeadSpider?

LeadSpider is a user-friendly lead generation platform designed to help businesses discover potential clients effortlessly. The software enables you to search for businesses in specific areas to know informations like phones, emails, location, addresses, and reviews.

How does LeadSpider work?

LeadSpider is very simple to use. You have to input your desired lead type, category, keyword, and location and any additional filters to generates a comprehensive list of businesses that match your criteria. The platform's real-time data ensures you get the most accurate and up-to-date leads.

How much does LeadSpider cost?

LeadSpider is a one time solution for lead generation! You have to pay $49 to avail the software for lifetime of use. We won’t charge any additional fees, or system upgradation charges.

Can I access LeadSpider on my mobile device?

Yes, you can access LeadSpide from any device with internet connectivity. Our platform is fully mobile compatible, allowing you to manage your leads and campaigns from anywhere.

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