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Send cold email campaigns and make cold calling to acquire and warm up new leads to a qualified prospect list generated by LeadSpider.

Enrich your leads database and improve your campaigns with our search results based on location, industry, and keywords.

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Out Top Features

Location Search

Specify your target location, and our software will instantly compile a comprehensive list of businesses in that area

Advanced Filtering

Refine your search based on industry type, niche, location, radius, and more. Find the perfectly alligned businesses that meet your needs.

Real-Time Data

No more outdated information! Our software continuously updates its database using latest APIs, ensuring you the most up-to-date leads.

Friendly Interface

You don't need to be tech-savvy to use LeadSpider. It has intuitive interface that takes lead generation next level.

Save and Export

We inspire seamless integration into your sales process. Easily save your search results and export them as spreadsheet.

Multilingual Support

Generate leads in your preferred language. LeadSpider supports all unicode input to bring authentic and relevant results.

Competitor Analysis

Stay ahead of the competition by accessing valuable insights about your competitors. LeadSpider enables you to track their user reviews and locations.


Visualize your leads on a map to better understand the distribution path. Integrated map feature helps you spot the exact regions.

Mobile Friendly

Stay productive on the go with our mobile-compatible interface. Access your leads from any device, so you never miss a business opportunity

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No need to have any development or programming knowledge to navigate LeadSpider. We provide all the support before and after the purchase. You can browse the demo version to get an experience..

Further, we keep your information secure. You can delete the search results and campaign data permanently after downloading them locally.

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“Hello! LeadSpider is a valuable tool for my business. Its user-friendly interface and quick results impressed me. The advanced filtering options helped me target ideal prospects properly. Overall, it has contributed to business growth. Recommended!”

“I’m thrilled with LeadSpider! The interface’s  simplicity is outstanding, and the data accuracy is impressive. Lead scoring helped me focus on high-potential prospects, resulting in higher conversions. Top-notch customer support too! Suggesting for serious lead generation.”

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